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Last modified: Nov 30, 2016 @ 4:08 PM

1954 Chevrolet 6400 Dump Truck - $14,500

Beautiful Restoration! Excellent Bright Yellow Paint on a Super Straight Body! Detailed Engine Compartment with a Stock In-line 6 cyl engine, 4 Speed Manual Transmission with a 2 Speed Rear Axle. Nice clean tan upholstery. New Hydraulic Pump and Motor makes the bed go up and down with ease! Factory Vacuum Assist Brakes, Runs Great and Drives like a Good Ol’ Truck!img_4769 img_4770 img_4771 img_5939 img_5937 img_5935 img_5932 img_5930img_4773 img_4775 img_4776 img_4777 img_4779 img_4780 img_4781 img_4783 img_4784 img_4785 img_4788 img_4789 img_4790 img_4793 img_4796 img_4798

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